70 Years of Excellence


History of Energoprojekt Group – Holding Corporation p.l.c. dates back to the year 1951, when the consulting company with a small number of employees was founded for the purpose of designing and implementation of hydro power and thermal power plants. Highly professional management successfully led Energoprojekt Group through the domestic and international markets and after a tremendous growth over a fifty-year period, it has become one of the strongest, the most valuable and capable partners to the potential clients.

During its long and successful history, Energoprojekt Group extended its business activities to the fields of: power generation, transmission and distribution, town planning, buildings construction, infrastructure, water management and environmental protection, industry and information technologies. Throughout six decades, Energoprojekt has designed and developed complex projects in more than 70 countries all over the world.

ENERGOPROJEKT Group has become a company capable of undertaking large and complex projects, ranging from the studies and investigations, through designing and supervision, to construction and putting into operation. Nowadays, Energoprojekt Group is the majority owner of 18 companies in the country, as well as 40 subsidiaries, branch offices and joint venture companies abroad and has more than 3300 employees. Energoprojekt Hidroinzenjering was established in 1974, as the first of 18 corporate members.

Our first project abroad

Togo Dam

Old Headquarters

Old building