Integrated Management System

The integrated management system policy of Energoprojekt Hidroinženjering is an integral part of the entire business policy of this organization.

It is based on the establishment, application and maintenance of a market-oriented business system and on the principles of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management in order to ensure full satisfaction of its traditional and new clients and fulfillment of their requests, needs and expectations, as well as of all its employees, Energoprojekt business system, owners, suppliers, wide social community and state.

For that purpose Energoprojekt Hidroinženjering has established and improves its own integrated management system (IMS), which includes quality management (in accordance with ISO 9001:2008), environmental management (in accordance with ISO 14001:2005) and occupational health and safety management (in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2008).


IMS Policy (PDF)

ISO 9001 Certificate (PDF)

ISO 14001 Certificate (PDF)

ISO 18001 Certificate (PDF)

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