70 Years of Excellence

Our Services

Preparation of complex studies and designs related to water management and agriculture is one of the most important services performed by Hidroinzenjering. Within implementation of complex hydropower, water management and infrastructure projects, Hidroinzenjering designed a large number of underground structures, supervised work execution and provided consulting services.

Tens of water resources development master plans and studies of water resources exploitation and development of watersheds in Serbia and abroad have been prepared, covering the area of around a million square kilometers. Designs of melioration systems have been developed for around 750 000 ha, including almost 600 000 ha abroad.

In addition to geodetic surveys and preparation of all kinds of topographic input (including processing of aerial and satellite images), Hidroinzenjering has decades long experience in geodetic monitoring of civil structures (particularly dams), as well as in designing and implementation of trigonometric, micro-trigonometric and leveling networks. Energoprojekt Hidroinzenjering was also one of the first companies in Serbia to master GIS technology and it successfully applies it in all its activities.

Design and Planning

  • Water resources development master plans
  • Hydropower master plans
  • Agricultural and forestry development master plans
  • Regional hydrological and hydrogeological studies
  • Studies related to long-term solutions of water supply issues
  • Studies related to long-term solutions of wastewater issues
  • Technical-economic studies and experts’ reports
  • Investment programs
  • Agro-socio-economic studies
  • Development studies for particular industry branches
  • Environmental impact assessment studies
  • Hydropower systems, plants and facilities
    • Dams and appurtenant structures
    • Reservoirs
    • Hydropower plants and structures appurtenant to hydropower plants
    • Pumping and pumped storage facilities
  • Water management and hydro-melioration systems
    • Water management solutions of watersheds and areas
    • Water transfers
    • Training of watercourses and development of riparian areas
    • Irrigation and dewatering systems
    • Systems of water protection and protection against water
    • Erosion and sediment control
  • Water supply and potable water treatment
    • Water sources and water intakes
    • Water transport and storage systems
    • Potable water treatment plants
    • Distribution networks and facilities
  • Sewerage systems and wastewater treatment
    • Wastewater collection systems
    • Sewerage networks and facilities
    • Wastewater transport systems
    • Household and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Underground structures
    • Hydraulic tunnels, underground powerhouses etc.
    • Storage facilities for hazardous and deleterious substances
    • Underground railway stations, underground garages
    • Special-purpose facilities
  • Communications
    • Rural and urban public communications
    • Traffic surfaces and various-purpose facilities
    • Traffic bridges and tunnels
    • Subways


  • Experts reports
  • Preparation of tender reports and tenders
  • Examination, review and verification of technical documents
  • Technical assistance and construction supervision
  • Supervision over construction of all types of structures
  • Consulting and other services required by the client
  • Testing and trial runs
  • Transfer of know-how and staff training


  • Land Administration
  • Cadaster
  • Cartography
  • Photogrammetry
  • Bathymetry
  • Surveying Engineering
  • Underground Surveys
  • Geo-Information systems (GIS)
  • Remote Sensing
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Hydrological GIS Applications
  • GIS for Water Resource
  • Flood Risk Mapping
  • Natural Disaster Assessment

Investigation Works

  • Geodesy
  • Hydrology and meteorology
  • Geology, hydrogeology and geophysics
  • Geomechanics and geotechnics
  • Hydraulics
  • Pedology
  • Miscellaneous specific investigation works