70 Years of Excellence

Active Projects

Our professionals working on design, technical assistance, construction supervision and provide consulting services for some of the biggest infrastructure and water energy projects in Algeria, Jordan, Peru and Western Balkan region.

Six dams in Algeria - Seklafa, Beni Slimane, Soubella, Djedra, Tarzout and Bouzina

More than 50 Hidroinzenjering professionals working on main design, and construction supervision for six dams in Algeria.

Kostolac B

System of decentralized wastewater treatment plants for Thermo Power Plant Kostolac B. Each of several type of waste water should be dealt with at its very origin, without building large structures with huge hydraulic load.

Dredging Works on The Danube river

Preparation of documentation for river training and dredging works on selected locations along the Danube river.

Alto Piura

Transfer of the Huancabamba river waters to the Pacific watershed (335 Hm3/year) for future utilization for the irrigation of 50,000 ha and for a hydropower plant with the capacity of 300 MW.

Kufranja Dam

Our professionals currently provide consultancy service and supervise construction of concrete-face rock-fill dam Kufranja in Jordan.

HE Machu Picchu

Revitalization of HPP Machu Picchu II.

Revitalization of 15 small HPP in Serbia

Revitalization of 15 small HPP: Raška, Vrelo, Radaljska banja, Seljašnica, Kratovska reka Pod gradom, Turica, Moravica, Sveta Petka, Sićevo, Temac, Sokolovica, Gamzigrad, Vučje and Jelašnica should have as outcome increase power and durability.

Project Data

Name: Seklafa concrete dam (h=47m), Beni Slimane earth-fill dam (h=66m), Soubella earth-fill dam (h=67m), Djerda CFRD (h=60m), Tarzout earth-fill dam (h=60m), Bouzina RCD type dam (h=63m)

Country: Algeria

Type: Hydropower project

Works: main design, technical assistance, construction supervision, preliminary design and tender documentation

Client: Ministry of water resources, National agency for dams and transfers

Project Data

Name: Kostolac B

Country: Serbia

Type: Waste Water Treatment Plants project

Works: preliminary design, feasibility study, final design, detail design

Client: EPS

Project Data

Name: Danube River

Country: Serbia

Type: Dredging works

Works: preparation of documentation

Client: European Commission in Serbia

Project Data

Name: Alto Piura

Country: Peru

Type: Irrigation and Hydropower project

Works: review and verification of the detail design, hydraulic model tests, supervision over construction

Client: PEIHAP (Special Irrigation and Hydropower Project Alto Piura)

Project Data

Name: Kufranja CFRD, h=80m

Country: Jordan

Type: Hydropower plant project

Works: construction supervision and consultancy services

Client: Jordan ministry of water and irrigation

Project Data

Name: Reconstruction of the HPP Machu Picchu, 101.4 MW with water intake capacity of 68 m³/s

Country: Peru

Type: Hydropower plant project

Works: consulting services

Client: Machu Picchu company for production of electricity

Project Data

Name: Revitalization of 15 small HPP

Country: Serbia

Type: Hydropower plant project

Works: revitalization, modernization

Client: EPS