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Water Management

Energoprojekt Hidroinzenjering has provided comprehensive, expert solutions for its clients in the fields of: water resources, watershed concepts, transfer and storage of water, sewerage systems and water treatment, at which an integrated and sustainable approach has been taken, which is essential for efficient water management and meeting the environmental challenges.

Energoprojekt Hidroinzenjering’s experts possess vast knowledge and experience to handle any water management assignment.

Serbian Water Resources

Water Resources Management Master Plan for Serbia Long-term solution for utilization and improvement of water resources on the territory of Serbia (95,000 km2).

Soummam River

Study of Soummam River Watershed Development and Improvement Watershed area around 1,000,000 ha.

Wadi Sawfajjin

Regional hydrogeological study of Wadi Sawfajjin – Wadi Zamzam – Al Jufrah. Area covered by the study amounts to around 50,000 km2.

Groundwater Resources Map of Northern Algeria

The project objective was to quantify groundwater resources for selected hydrogeological units on the area of Nord Algeria on more than 300000 km2 for the purpose of successful groundwater management planning by using GIS technology. Particular importance is given to current misbalance between available quantities and demands, i.e. real exploitation. Interactive map of groundwater resources is prepared based on geological, hydrogeological, topographic and hydrometeorological maps prepared for all area of Nord Algeria. The level of details contained in the map of resources corresponds to 1:200000 scale. The project was implemented in GIS environment.

Gomal River

Study for solution of the Gomal River watershed development and utilization of the Gomal River water resources. Watershed area amounts to 30,000 km2.

Mashonaland West Province

Study of medium-height dams for water supply of local population and agricultural facilities in Mashonaland West Province (13,000 km2).

Western Desert

Regional Study of Western Desert Water Resources Hydrogeological and hydraulic analyses of desert area reclamation options.

Project Data

Name: Serbian Water Resources

Country: Serbia

Type: Master Plan project

Works: master plan

Client: Serbian Ministry of Agriculture

Project Data

Name: Soummam River

Country: Algeria

Type: Study project

Works: study

Client: Government of Algeria

Project Data

Name: Wadi Sawfajjin

Country: Libya

Type: Hydrogeological Study project

Works: study

Client: Government of Libya

Project Data

Name: Groundwater resources map of Northern Algeria

Country: Algeria

Type: Mapping project

Works: mapping

Client: Ministry of Water Resources, National Agency for Hydraulic Resources (ANRH)

Project Data

Name: Gomal River

Country: Pakistan

Type: Study project

Works: study

Client: Directorate of Water and Energy

Project Data

Name: Mashonaland West Province

Country: Zimbabwe

Type: Study project

Works: study

Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management

Project Data

Name: Western Desert

Country: Iraq

Type: Study project

Works: study

Client: Ministry of Waters